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so be it

sketchblog :3

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Sep 28 '14

'cause Derek Hale will always be the one true alpha in my mind))))

Aug 14 '14

my favorite series this days)

Jun 8 '14

classics&basics XDD

Jun 1 '14

can’t go back

Apr 20 '14

i grew frustrated with their anatomy in a process of drawing, decided - I’ll drop it like that, it’s my sketchblog anyway)

Mar 23 '14

that supposed to be a quick warm-up thing, but somehow 5 hours later it became high school/kid-sterek/thumbholes appreciation AU (◡‿◡✿)

Mar 10 '14

(I used to draw wolves with human hands and now it’s time for humans with wolf legs lol)))))

and just angry derek without stiles - 

Mar 9 '14
Feb 18 '14

i really don’t have time for anything, but quick doodle, BUT that was hands down one of the best and the scariest scene in Teen Wolf and i’m so fascinated with dark!Stiles and Dylan O’brien is such a good actor and AGHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR

Feb 10 '14

The Ship’s Cook by Samuel Sim on Grooveshark


I am inexplicably craving a Pride and Prejudice AU with fox!Stiles and wolf!Derek.

The Hales are like royalty, Derek is ill-qualified to recommend himself to others, and seriously, you can’t expect him to rejoice in the inferiority of Stiles’ connections. I mean, what kind of a pack has foxes, humans, bitten wolves, and a banshee? It’s unseemly.

I saw this and I thought: “Ain’t no rest for me ‘till I’ll draw this prompt!*_*” Somehow Stiles ended up as a kitsune^^”

Feb 5 '14

yup that was a great episode!

i only hope Stiles won’t be dead in the end of the season=/

Feb 3 '14

Iron by Woodkid on Grooveshark

THANKS, GUYS!*..* this fanfic is 

way out east there might be a way out by paxlux

i distinctly recall one gorgeous post-apocalyptic fanfic, where Stiles and Derek ended up as post-apocalyptic postmen, but i don’t remember neither the name of this work nor the author( also there were a ship with survivors (where Scott and his mom were), killer mutant giants and a dangerous underground pass*_*

no more chibi drawings for a while, i’m sorry) I’ll make sure to remember remaining prompts when another chibi urge will strike me^^

Feb 3 '14

right, that’s more like me!XDD

(i’m tired a bit of chibi drawings and happy coffee shop AUs, i really like them, but sometimes you can crave a mind-controlling demon!Stiles who makes Derek kill people. You know, for a change)))

Feb 2 '14
juliet73 answered: Kids!Sterek please?!?! Maybe playing together or something?

\(^..^ )/

..Derek lost his first milk tooth that day. Laura was there too, but luckily(for Derek) she laughed so hard that she peed herself, so she defintely won’t mention this story in her speech for Derek&Stiles wedding XDD

PS I don’t see my posts on tag pages-_- my blog isn’t blocked from searching and is not flagged as nsfw( what’s the matter?

Feb 1 '14

vulpesvulpe said: Tiny Derek in winter sweaters!

I like fanfics where Stiles knits!XD