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so be it

sketchblog :3
Mar 21 '14

smth like:

"Well now, you don’t really want to piss off Mister Hale over here, do you?"

I was really impressed by “Black Sails”, so pirates!sterek!AU)))))

Mar 17 '14

dumb thingsXD

let’s try drawing everything with left and right hand and see what will come out of it\( ^_^)/

Mar 15 '14

"that’s right, babe, they burned your family - you’ll BURN.THEM.ALL"

The roof is on Fire by Bloodhound Gang on Grooveshark

Mar 14 '14

Reblog if you’re a self-taught artist.

Mar 10 '14

(I used to draw wolves with human hands and now it’s time for humans with wolf legs lol)))))

and just angry derek without stiles - 

Mar 9 '14

some kind of (were-creature high school?were-college?)AU where Stiles is the most obnoxious werefox ever, but Derek won’t be the first wolf to run away from a fox =D

Mar 9 '14
Mar 2 '14

OH NO my e-book kind of died TT_TT

how am I supposed to read all the fanfics now?! I feel deprived alredy-_-

Mar 1 '14
Feb 25 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey I love your artworks. :) They make me smile. What kind and name of pen do you use for your artworks?

Hi! First of all - thank you!\( ^o^)/

Most of my works are digital(Wacom Intuos4+PaintToolSai), but for those which are done with traditional media I use Pigma Micron liners (Sakura pens) in whole variety))

Feb 21 '14

imyournewgod asked:

everything about your account is fantastic & your drawing style is perfect // okay okay (( • u • ))

uh oh thank you!~( ´∀`)~

your words made me all warm and fuzzy inside 

Feb 21 '14

Easy Water by Caveman on Grooveshark

still don’t have time for proper drawing, but!..

inspired by this ^..^

Feb 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

Just a quick message to say your "dark!Stiles doodle is amazing! and I cant wait to see some more!!!

thanks! let’s see if a new episode would bring something equally glorious as a previous one^^

Feb 18 '14

i really don’t have time for anything, but quick doodle, BUT that was hands down one of the best and the scariest scene in Teen Wolf and i’m so fascinated with dark!Stiles and Dylan O’brien is such a good actor and AGHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR

Feb 18 '14


for your music ask! #4 #8 #13 #22

4: A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about

Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows on Grooveshark

8: A song about drugs or alcohol

I don’t think I have one in my playlist? AH NO! This one!^_^ Prison Song by System of a Down on Grooveshark

13: One of your favorite 80’s songs

THIS =D The video is hilarious too!

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead or Alive on Grooveshark

22: A song that moves you forward

one more? okay

'till I Collapse by Eminem on Grooveshark

I’m not big on rap music, but the soundtrack for “Real Steel” is really motivating^^

Thanks for asking!=)