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so be it

sketchblog :3
Sep 13 '14
FINALLY!!! I’m a proud owner of those two furballs!!

FINALLY!!! I’m a proud owner of those two furballs!!

Aug 26 '14


Aug 23 '14

for the pallete challenge - I wasn’t in the mood for actual characters - so some quick monstershit)

The Devil’s Den by Skrillex on Grooveshark

Aug 14 '14
same anon but since it was explained as a security measure for the mccall’s, it stands to reason that it’s the same reason for lydia’s grandmother? if she was afraid for her life because of a supernatural threat, it’s reasonable to assume that it would make sense. it’s not a plot hole and is functioning exactly how they have been explaining it since season one
The house wasn’t a closed space for a reason; grandma martin wanted lydia to sprinkle her ‘ashes’ in the LAKE for a reason. probably house’s structure is way complicated as the opening in the circle seems to be in the boat shed, so to seal the circle you’d have to add a line of ash on the shed’s opening or close its doors maybe. Please dont call it a plot hole just yet :) also just ‘cuz lydia said the house is made of rowan doesnt mean its 100% true, could be the lake the ash circle was around!
I don’t want to argue, it could be anything; i hope it would be miraculously explained in the next episode. But in the present situation the set-up of Lydia’s mountain-ash-house statement irks me to no end, because of dramatics and a shaky mythology behind it, i mean, guys, the things you said are possible, but why pointedly tell us “the whole house” if its not true?
that’s the last post on this matter, sorry, my irritation is mine - I wanted to expess it and I did.
Aug 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

they explained mountain ash in s1 and s2. it only works when it's closed. scott's house and the vet building both have mountain ash in them

the vet has a mountain ash counter, if i remember correctly, ok, it can be opened and closed.

BUT if the entire house is made of mountain ash - doors, walls, a floor and a ceiling - that means (in my humble opinion of course) that it is closed! It’s like 3D mountain ash circle (a mountain ash cube!)! yet werewolves had no problems staying on and laying on and leaning against it=/

and if somehow the house is NOT a closed space then I don’t understand why the fuck somebody would make an entirely useless whole-mountain-ash-house and why we were told about it in such a fasion like -“OMG OMG WHOLE HOUSE MADE OF MOUNTAIN ASH DRAMATIC MUSIC END OF THE EPISODE” 

Aug 14 '14

i kinda miss Derek from season 1-2

also how in the name of somebody did two werewolves and a kitsune enter the house made entirely of mountain ash?! so frustrated with a current progress of this show-__-

Aug 14 '14

my favorite series this days)

Jul 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

do you still take requests? how about a pic with Stiles, Void!stiles and Derek? :)

sorry, I’m in a huge artblock now, maybe someday later..

Jun 14 '14

fields near my hometown-err-village)) my grandma lives there..

#лето #поля #summer #birds #goodday

Jun 14 '14
#лето #поля #домой #summer #goodday

#лето #поля #домой #summer #goodday

Jun 8 '14

classics&basics XDD

Jun 8 '14

my OCs - Nao,Mo; i didn’t draw them for a reeealy long time(

Jun 1 '14

can’t go back

May 11 '14

♥ Thanks for your answers! ♥

  1. littlecofiegirl said:I think the little lines under the fingers should go(as it makes the fingers feel moving), and the hand feels a bit big for me but I’m really not knowledged in the art of tattoo so… *shrug* The rest is badass though.

- yeah? I’ll compare again versions with and without those lines, thanks for noticing!

  1. pikachuposey said:i think it would look pretty awesome as an upper arm or back piece! :D

- uhuh I mostly thought about an upper arm as a target (when I was younger I wanted my wrists and hands tatooed, but now I’m old and wise and I know that it would be more painful and most people would look awry at it))  

  1. bilabee said:This is cool! I’ve always loved your wolves. How big were you going to get it? You may lose a the detail in the shading of the trees/sky.
  1. nightrevelations said:looks awesome! would think about detail loss over time, esp if it won’t be very big, though.

- thanks for pointing that out! I know nothing about tatoos and didn’t think that details can be lost after a while^^” I’m not sure about the size yet - but not very big, my upper arms are totally not as muscular as I want them to be XD

  1. pornitude said:I LOVE IT! I think it’s awesome.

- awww thank you!*_* I can’t wait to get it, a tatoo was my dream for a long time*..*

  1. grandlore said:i think the hand is weird but idk im not a tattoo kinda person

- Does it look weird because it’s on wolf, or it’s just wierd?XDD

  1. prettyalarming said:I like the whole idea but maybe the hand could have the same texture as the rest of the wolf? like that it haves the feeling they’re two things separately.

- oh! I didn’t see it like this*_* thanks, I’ll think about it, maybe that’s the effect I would be after)))

May 11 '14

Guys! I need your honest opinion - will that look good as a tatoo?(I’ve wanted a tatoo for a long time, but wasn’t sure about stuff I’d like to put permanently on my skin and now..XD